About me

A widow and thirty-year college student who finally graduated in 2009, I had a life-long dream to travel to an exotic land where I can help the people. I had always done what I could in the US, volunteered, took in people who needed a home, random acts of kindness along the way, but I felt like I couldn’t do much since I was often on the short end of abundance myself.
Having a monthly stipend, even if it’s small by American standards, helps me to work from my heart to make the world a better place for some really incredible people here in Nepal. Yes, people are people and the people here are just as wonderful as my neighbors back home. The only difference is that rather than take a job from someone, I’m employing 5 people personally.
I founded an agency, Kay Garnay for Nepal, and have 10 more people who have jobs in the women’s work initiative. Not only that but unlike when I lived in the US and struggled to pay rent, here in Nepal I’ve helped build 50 earthquake shelters and one earthquake-safe home, so far. With your help, I hope to get many more homes built.

Please follow along with us and we help to rebuild Nepal to be even more beautiful than it was before.

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