About our partners

About our partners

Nepal is a land of a million factories and shops. Small business is pretty much the only business. Yes, there are international corporations with factories in Nepal where the products are assembled. Wega and CG are a couple of such companies. Supporting companies like these saves money due to the lack of import tariff and supports job creation. We always support these companies whenever we buy electric products, if possible.

Our suppliers are family-owned small businesses that do things in the traditional ways. We spent hours searching and shopping. Kathmandu is like a treasure hunt. We walked many a crowded street in search of 100% wool yarn and other supplies on numerous occasions.

Our wool supplier hardly speaks a word of English and sits at his desk while his employee does the work, typically how things are done in Nepal.

Our cotton fabric factory is a bit different. There, the entire family works and employs about 10 women. The cotton is brought in its raw form. The women spin it and the entire process to make a wide variety of cottons. These are mostly the traditional Nepali and Newar fabrics.

A tour of a factory like this is freely offered at a variety of textile or handmade product factories. If you come to Nepal I highly recommend spending time touring a few factories and supporting traditional products. You will be amazed at the prices you can buy things. I had a couple of couch surfers pass through a few years ago and bought 5 small bags that open into a nice backpack, a typical Nepal product. They bought the items for less than $5 each and put them online for 25 GBP, plus postage.

The women were spinning the cotton so fast I couldn’t get a good, un-blurred picture. Several of the looms were unattended, demonstrating the need for more business. This fabric is what we use for the bags to carry the hat sets in, nice and soft, all natural and handmade in Nepal.


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