Foods to Avoid in Nepal

Bitten Rice: This is a flattened rice similar to rolled oats. The problem with eating bitten rice is that many unwashed hands have touched it, along with birds, mice, etc. It is not fully cooked and often isn’t even warmed up. But even if it is warmed up, you may find the oil it was heated in is old and smelling funny.

Fried Rice in the morning: Restaurants and guest houses often make too much rice in the evening. This allows them to make a quick fried rice dish for breakfast. Rice is a fertile ground for bacteria. Many restaurants do not have a refrigerator and therefore need to leave the rice out on the counter all night. By morning there can be many generations of bacteria being cultivated in the rice.

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Tummy-safe foods in Nepal?


I’m not a big fan of food, so I’m not so keen on Nepali foods. So, because I know I’m not alone in this I’m going to tell what to order to avoid problematic local food. The food is almost all heavily spiced. It can cause every kind of intestinal issue from various degrees of heart-burn, or your body might just not know what to do with it, which can last throughout most of the night.

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