Stop by the Tourism Bureau-Free Stuff/Free Information and things to do

It seems there is always something to do in Kathmandu and you really seldom need a lot of money to have a great time. One tip is to check at the Tourism Board to see what’s going on. You really cannot help but see this huge building in the Ratna Park area and right next to that is a nice park, the expo center, a covered market (flea market), places to eat and a Ram Dev store. I suggest that you spend a morning in this area shortly after you arrive in-between activities.

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The ‘No Conversion’ Issue in Nepal-To Convert or Not to Convert?

I definitely love living in Nepal. I love the culture, so exotic, so old. The government/police really try to make tourists welcome, too. They have a branch of the police just for tourists, so in case you get into trouble you really should have the phone number handy.
I hope I’m not going to offend too many readers, but I think this issue needs to have the light shone on it.
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