Opportunities in Nepal for Volunteers and Digital Nomads

Of all the places in the world to volunteer, I don’t think you can find a better one than Nepal. Notice these benefits compared to other countries:

1. A tolerant populace.
2. The local people genuinely want to know you. Nepal has recently been added to the ‘World’s friendliest countries.
3. The government, including police, are kind to tourists.
4. Violent crime toward tourists is almost non-existant in most places in Nepal.
5. Nepal is one of the least expensive countries to travel to.
6. There is a genuine need just about anywhere you look for help. You should not pay a private company  (or NGO) for a volunteer placement in Nepal. However, you should be prepared to pay from $5-10 per day for food.
7. The weather in the Kathmandu Valley, outside Kathmandu City, is mild and with fresh air. Chitwan makes an excellent volunteer experience in the winter time, otherwise, you’ll need to worry about things like it being too hot and malaria.

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Sunday, May 6, 2018

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