Few things We’ve done

Here are a few things we’ve done:

Tree Planting Projects

We’ve been focusing on indigenous trees that have blooming flowers, grow tall and live a long time. This will provide oxygen to combat global warming, food for bees and other insects, provide a home and shade for countless varieties of animals all the while keeping Nepal’s beauty at its best. A tree is such a lovely gift to our planet.

Warm clothing drives

We’ve collected warm clothing and sent them up to the Mt. Everest region and Upper Dolpa. We also sent a monetary gift and cooler clothing for the flood victims in the lower region last year. It was one of the worst disasters affecting India, Bangladesh and Nepal in many years. The money was used to provide underwear for the children of school who are from an underprivileged caste.

Book drives

We’ve collected books to support several local libraries, including the one downstairs in the guesthouse. We were able to keep the library open and supply it with a few toys and learning games for 3 years. We’ve recently closed it and will only open it during longer holidays and when we see a need. I loved hearing the laughter of the children, but the entire village is their playground. You will seldom see a parent with the children while they are out and about.

Computer science classes

Although their English skills have not been good enough to write a lot content, we understand that becoming familiar with a computer is a valuable skill that isn’t offered at government schools. We’ve helped many of the village youth to learn enough computer skills to find better employment.

Broadband WIFI link for the villagers

Our password is known by all and they are welcome to sit outside, or come into the library, to get internet access. We also provide a free computer and printing when our neighbors have a need.

School and emergency funding

We’ve been sponsoring one boy who is now in 5th grade. His mother is divorced/abandoned by the father who doesn’t provide any support for the boy.

Earthquake shelters

After the earthquakes of 2015 we sponsored volunteers for 5 months with full room and food complementary. Even now, we only charge for food and usually provide a private room. Between all our volunteers we helped to build shelters for around 50 families, including three that were funded by our guests.

Dada-home.org project

We crowdfunded to help rebuild a couple of homes and in the village, the latter being our Dada-home.org project. This project came about because our volunteers started talking among themselves about how much they wanted to help this young family. We collected 3,000 euro for the this project and over $800 for the first home.

Other Projects

Our Request

We have need of $4,000 in order to have the money to pay the women for a couple months, buy the supplies and materials, pay a bit of rent to the Star View Guest House or find a better location.

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