Rooftop Tree Project


Kay Garnay was founded by a retired American who lives in Nepal. It remains a very small agency, sponsoring a few children, supporting and partnering with other local agencies to feed the hungry and we’ve done a few tree planting projects.

At this time we are able to do more for Nepal. When Amanda Summers, the founder heard hammering outside her Kathmandu home she looked out and to her chagrin, she saw the lovely trees in the area next to the home being chopped down. This sparked the strong desire to plant trees in Kathmandu. Soon, we had come up with an idea as follows:

1. We will contract with a recycling company here in Kathmandu to make large pots from recycled plastic.

2. We will contact schools to have the students sell a tree to relatives who have a home in Kathmandu. We will present videos and PowerPoint presentations to the students in 3 separate class levels, K-4, 5-7 and 8-10. 11th grade in Nepal starts college. Students will all do a project by planting trees in different ways, based upon age levels. The school and students will all be able to earn prizes for their participation.

3. We rent a small truck that can carry compost, tools and other supplies. We will take the pot and compost up to the roof of homes in Kathmandu to prepare for a ficus, banyan or bay leaf tree. But since the trees cannot be planted until monsoon, we will bring coriander seeds and other herbal seeds and plant them in the pot. This will allow us to get started with the project much sooner and the families will get some benefit. Then at the start of monsoon, late May or June we will bring the tree and plant it in the pot for them.

4. These trees can only be comfortable in a pot for a few years, so in 4-5 years we will come back to take the tree to one of the forest areas where there has been a fire or erosion. These trees will be strong enough to survive the transplanting and will have already cleaned enough air for Kathmandu and will continue cleaning the air for the planet for many years. These are all trees that grow big, live a long time and clean the air better than most others. We will bring a hydrolic lift to hoist the trees down from the rooftops onto a truck to take them to a government approved place in 4-5 years.

Why the need for more trees in Kathmandu?

Obviously, trees are needed everywhere now more than ever before, but Kathmandu has a special need for trees. Delhi, India has many industrial factories and is a major polluter. What many people do not know is that the pollution Delhi produces is carried by the air currents and is ultimately brought to the Kathmandu Valley. In addition, Nepal is a developing nation and Kathmandu was built before people did city planning. The city is growing so fast it’s difficult to keep trees and still build homes. Land values are extremely high, so it’s very tempting for families to sell or build. However, the government has taken all cars, trucks and buses older than 20 years old off the road. This has helped considerably and the government has 18 new electric buses that will be running soon.


Our idea is to create a new social dialog and change society by making a tree on every roof a reality. The sad news that hurts my heart to say is that after the polluted air visits Kathmandu it travels up to the Himalayas to do its damage there. So, we would like seed money to get the project started.