Spectacular Dhulikhel

One of the most enjoyable things about Nepal is going around a corner to see the majestic, snow covered mountains. Dhulikhel is one of the best places to catch amazing glimpses for quite a ways in this area. There is another reason to plan to spend a day or two here, particularly if you are from the US. Dhulikhel is home of the Kathmandu Teaching Hospital, Dhulikhel. This modern facility is the place to go if you need dental work. Even for Europeans, the tooth cleaning is usually under $5. I’d suggest booking a guesthouse in Dhulikhel for a few days enjoying the views and getting your teeth cared for. There is also an eye department where you can get your eye glasses or contact lens prescription. The exam price was well under a dollar and I bought a pair of reading glasses that came with about 6 magnetically attached sun glass lenses in a variety of shades, perfect for anyone who needs glasses. The sun-glass lenses have UV, too, for only $24. http://frugaltravelsnepal.blogspot.com/2014/05/dental-values-in-nepal-seriously.html So enjoy the lovely views, rest up from your flight and get whatever medical issue looked at. As a side note, any tests are completely private. They do not even ask for your ID. If you are worried about a particular issue the Kathmandu Teaching Hospital is a great place.

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