Our Changunarayan Women’s Work Initiative

We’ve Created the Space, the Training and the Practice. Now We Need Help to Get into Production.

The Changunarayan Women’s Knitting Initiative has been training for over a month and is now ready to provide some warm hats and gloves for this fall and winter which will be here before we know it.
Other than getting an excellent value on woolen hats and gloves, why should it matter to you if the women in Nepal get training and gainful employment or not?
Seriously, if you help us out here and get a warm, winter hat and glove set that you really don’t need now, the good you send out-all the way to this little country-will spin with the planet and come right back to you! The hat will be so stylish you’ll be excited for winter to arrive.
People often ask, “What can I do to help women in abject poverty in developing nations to elevate themselves?” It begins with a job, not a handout. Our method starts with teaching one woman at a time a skill that can support her for a lifetime. We are also providing a long term job opportunity that includes a monthly wage, as well as a commission per set she makes. We are getting word that other women are ready and eager to start their training, too. Unfortunately, we only have one room to provide right now, but with your support we’ll be able to grow and provide quality products all over the world.


• a safe place to learn to make products that will bring a better-than-average wage.
• access to the world market via international banking and US tax deductible status partner. Please visit http://WhatAboutNepal.org to learn more about Kay Garnay for Nepal’s work so far, Amanda Summers, the founder, and other ways you can enjoy Nepal. If Nepal is on your travel agenda you’ll find a plethora of information about Nepal at that site, as well as information about our work.
• community workshop is free to Nepali women who need a job and income from first day of training.
• creative and fun work environment – this is not a sweatshop initiative.
Women in Nepal who cannot speak English and are uneducated are limited to extremely low pay. Many have to commute on the local bus for 4 hours per day to work in Kathmandu. Other than that, there are jobs-carrying bricks for building sites or farm labor.

So here’s the plan.…

What We Need & What You Get.
We need to get sample products and inventory for our winter orders. We also need donors to help us get orders in specialty shops in your area. We are happy to work with high schools and nonprofits to do joint fundraisers, as well.

Our Needs/Budget:
Rent for 4 months for 2-3 rooms ($40-60 per month) $200
High quality 100% wool yarn in various colors ($400 each month for 3 months) $1,200
Daily food expenses ($10 per day for 24-26 days per month for prepared lunch and tea/cookie break 6 days per week for 10 women) $250 X 4 mo. $1,000
Transportation costs – Approximately 4 times per month (taxi for each day we go to Kathmandu for shopping/business it costs $25 per day) $100
Management expenses- We need to pay our teacher $100 per month plus $50 each for our two administrators to oversee daily operations. ($200 X 4 mo.) $800
Non-electric, hand looms for pashmina scarf production – We need 6 looms for hand-loomed pashmina/cashmere scarf productions. These looms are for hand-made, traditional crafting. These provide the highest quality, most prized pashmina/cashmere scarves, famous worldwide.

$200 each 6 looms needed $1,200

Note on our Budget/Administration fees:
Generally, when an NGO asks for money there is a rather large portion to go to the social worker. I am a retired widow from the US, and although I’m pretty poor in America, I have enough to live on and even a bit to share here in Nepal. There are no administration costs beyond normal banking charges, part of our two administrators’ wages and teachers’ wages. After the initial investment, we will never need funding help.

This fundraiser is for start-up expenses, training, supplies, materials and product development.
This fundraiser is for providing more jobs for women in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. It will help us get wool, needles and other supplies for our hat/glove project and additionally, looms for weaving shawls and scarves, training, marketing, and a wide variety of other Nepali handmade art and crafts for export. For each exported item the overall economy of Nepal benefits, as well as families at a local level.
After our production is going well we will continue to use profits for our environmental projects to plant more trees, improve infrastructure in the village and support local farmers to become organic. We will have a lending library of tools and organic products, etc. and bee hives.
The trees we plant in the village flower annually to provide food for bees, which will be our next project.

We also hope to plant bamboo and other plants that will work quietly to help maintain life on our planet while eventually providing materials for future projects. All the money stays right here in Nepal to do the most good.

*That’s our plan to build the economy, one woman at a time, while working to help the planet to be as ‘human species-friendly’ for as long as it will continue to put up with us. We can provide excellent values in our gifts due to the earning disparity that is reality for Nepalese women. That means a great price for both our current donors and future customers who can enjoy excellent values while saying, ‘No!’ to sweatshops.

We want to give you not only an awesome community for you to enjoy when you come to Nepal, but also a little something to show our love. And that little something comes to you owning a set 100% wool hat/glove set in the size and style of your choice.

PLEASE NOTE: Please select from our knitters to select your hat/glove set.

The Impact
* Dignified Work * Better than average pay * Changing Women’s lives
It’s our mission to provide the women of our village with a better means to earn a living. Actually, being an environmentalist at heart and a person who loves Nepal and living here, it’s my desire to make this beautiful, little village to be an ever more special treat for tourists. Our long-term goal is to have a bee initiative, make products out of bamboo, and make village improvements and help the poorest of our poor who are still living in earthquake shelters. Thanks to our donors and volunteers, Kay Garnay for Nepal has helped to build over 50 earthquake shelters and two permanent homes.
Now we have the opportunity to create a safe and positive environment where women can work on their handcrafted items together and earn enough for their families without wearing their bodies out doing construction work.
Our hat/glove and pashmina workshops will be a place to provide inspiration, instruction, confidence-building and economic improvement for our student/employees. Thank you for helping us realize this dream!

Risks & Challenges
We started Kay Garnay for Nepal in 2015 and we’ve been helping in various ways, but now we are ready to move forward to help on a more permanent scale.
If we are unable to reach our funding goal, we will continue to work with the woolen hats and use the profit from that for the looms and delay the pashmina part of this for a while. We will also continue to look for partners to help us market in western nations to schools and look for other nonprofit partners to help us with marketing.

We have already secured a room for the knitting project, so if we are unable to get enough money to launch it in order to fund our start-up and the start-up for the pashmina workshop we will be able to wholesale the hat/glove sets to upscale boutiques that have already expressed interest, as well as new connections we are hopeful to make. However, when high season comes, in October we will not be able to keep this workshop at Star View Guest House. The dust would be an issue, as well as a room that could provide our guests with more comfort.

There are many women working to make woolen hats and gloves from their homes. It’s heartwarming to see women sitting on their steps chatting, taking care of their toddler and knitting on a contract basis. If we are unable to sustain our project we will have at least provided training to women who needed training.

With your help this work initiative will provide homes for earthquake victims, as well as help the people of Changunarayan who have hardships and bring more beauty to our village.

Please Note: Unless otherwise instructed, we send via Nepal Postal Service. This service is surprisingly secure, as they put a The postal service in the US should be able to deliver to your door, as should most of Europe. However, places like Russia or Congo are not so easy. People have expressed issues in some countries, so if this applies to you please inform us as to how you would like delivery. DHL is available in Nepal to just about anywhere for $30 or less.

Read more about BIO‘s of Women in Our Changunarayan Women’s KNIT TING CIRCLE

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