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What About Nepal is our funding arm for our little nonprofit agency, Kay Garnay for Nepal. Kay Garnay means ‘What to do?’ in Nepalese so we sorta bastardized the spelling to make it like a woman’s name and literally means ‘What to do for Nepal?’ We are a very small agency and do whatever we can to help the people here. We’ve done workshops and helped with food drives. We’ve sponsored kids and families. We’ve planted a few trees. What we do is like the story of the person who walks along the ocean’s beach as he gently picks up the little jelly fish and other creatures that get washed up during the tides and tosses them back into the water. When asked why he does that knowing these few animals won’t make a difference in the huge ocean he answers, ‘It makes a difference to these that I can throw back.’ It may not be much, but we do what we can.

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When I got to Nepal 12 years ago I fell in love with its beauty, culture and people. I founded our little NGO after the devastating earthquakes of 2015. When I got to Kathmandu I found it to be perfect for my retirement years. Just one problem; it’s one of the most polluted capital cities on the planet. There’s only one solution; trees.

All these years I didn’t know how to help, but then I came up with this project that will:

Plant 3-4 foot bay leaf trees on rooftops in Kathmandu. The flat rooftops are perfect, but it’s difficult for families due to the logistics; go one place to buy the tree, somewhere else to get the pot and then elsewhere to get the compost. Next, getting the tree, pot and compost up 4-5 floors to the rooftop. This is very costly for Nepalese people who earn very little and often do not own a car.

Our project will inspire and empower Nepalese students to understand and work to help our climate issues one tree at a time. Our learning platform will also deal with recycling, reusing and such, which doesn’t seem to come naturally to the people in Nepal.

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Kay Garnay is our funding arm for our little nonprofit agency, Kathmandu Nepal…..



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