How long does it take for a letter to travel

When my debit cards expire I have to have them sent to Nepal by family. US banks usually only send domestically. If we ship via UPS it’s easy, 5 days, but it costs $160. If they send it normal mail it isn’t so likely to get here. One time a card came about 6 months after I reported it as lost. I recently did a video on the subject that will be helpful. If you have any other questions please leave a comment or send me a message. I love helping people to come to Nepal. No, I don’t have a trekking company or anything, just an expat in love with this country.

We explore the festivals, traditions, what to see and what to do. We even have a short video on simple vocabulary words you’ll want to use. We explore ATM and other money issues, medical values and options in Nepal, transportation and many, many other topics. You’ll definitely want to binge on the videos before you get to Nepal. It will help you with planning, what to bring, best ways to manage your time and money issues-just too many topics to list here. So check out What about Nepal on Youtube.

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